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  • Autor: Ubeimar Zapata Franco
  • Estado: Público
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Duración: 37 minutos
  • Calidad de audio: Narrado por un profesional
  • ISBN Audiolibro: 9781520957876

This is a short love story where the athor Ubeimar Zapata Franco writes a tale base on his real live.  In this audiobook you can find a narration where he tries to tell you, with other characters, how was his own odyssey since he was fourteen years old until his current life. In this tale, the author also turn all of this into a great life's lesson or, in other words, he want to tell the readers that this life is a complete trip where we have to learn and try  always to be  better persons following our drims in the healthiest way possible.  This is not only a tale or a story, no.  This is also an spiritual  life testimony since the author passes all the barriers that life puts on him and goes behind his dreams, proyects or his goals.

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