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STOP Depression. A guide to beat depression without pills

  • Autor: Rubén Quintas
  • Estado: Público
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Duración: 4 horas y 35 minutos

Stop Depression shows in a simple step-by-step way how to overcome depression without medication. You will regain your zest for life thanks to the practical advice and the techniques it describes. Its teachings are helping thousands of people overcome depression.

What will you find in the book Stop Depression? In the words of the author:

“It is a book created pure and simply to help people who are going through the same I experienced some time ago.

The book starts by telling readers my story and later it asks a question that for me is fundamental: Are you sad or depressed? A short rating scale follows to measure your level of depression.

The book consists of 11 chapters divided into three parts each:

• My diary, written while I was depressed.

• My reflections.

• Practical exercises I used to overcome depression.

And, finally, there is a list of recommended resources I found very useful.

• Books

• Movies

• Therapies

And it ends with a goodbye letter.”

If you follow the recommendations of Stop Depression to the letter you will discover how to overcome depression without medication.

Readers’ Testimonials

«It helped me a lot; I had been severely depressed for many years, and I’ve finally managed to overcome my depression. Our minds are truly strong and with this book and its easy exercises you will succeed». Manuel. 36, Mendoza (Argentina).

«I wish I had discovered this book years ago. I was depressed and Stop Depression gave me the confidence and the techniques to be able to recover from my depression. I hope the rest of depression sufferers will find it soon». Sandra. 27, Madrid (Spain)

«From the moment I discovered your book, I have contemplated my future with joy, as I no longer focus on the negative things and now I enjoy life with my husband. The symptoms of my depression disappeared. Thank you». Guadalupe. 27, Guadalajara (Spain)

«I no longer take medication! My life has changed completely, my illness is behind me. Many thanks to Rubén for everything. I thank God for putting him on our path». Evelyn. 32 años, San Cristobal (Venezuela)


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